Anchor Wall and Roof Coatings

Your home provides you and your family with shelter from the harshest elements; doesn’t it make sense to professionally protect it? Anchor Coatings provides a full range of external wall and roof coating services throughout Scotland and the North of England.

If the exterior walls of your home are starting to deteriorate, don’t wait. Our professional teams can prepare and protect them, solving any damp problems and improving the functionality and appearance of your property.

Anchor Coatings offers a wide range of proven wall coatings, wall restoration, and render repair services for homes and commercial properties. Our fully experienced technicians ensure quality work and timely delivery of every project.

Whether you need help to fix a particular problem, advice on damp prevention, or would like a maintenance free future for the outside of your home, we can help.

The coatings are not affected by rain or frost allowing an application to be carried out all year round, unlike conventional painting.

About Anchor Coatings

We are a family run wall and roof coating business with over 25years experience. Whatever the age or condition of your property, we have the weatherproofing solution to suit you. Our strict 5 stage coating process allows us to offer a comprehensive 15year guarantee on all of our work.

We specialise in exterior texture wall coatings, roof coatings, spray coatings and much more weatherproof and damp prevention treatments for your home.


Wall Coatings:

  • Transform the appearance of your property
  • Protect your home from the elements, reducing the risk of future deterioration and eliminating the need for constant re-painting Come in beautiful texture finishes and architectural colours
  • Will not chip, flake or peel and are very flexible to move with your property’s natural movement
  • Completely weatherproof the property
  • Are Microporous, allowing the walls to breathe and allowing the job to be completed even in damp conditions
  • Are resistant to dirt, mould, algae, acid rain and salt spray
  • Hide surface imperfections
  • Are easily washed clean (will withstand 15,000 psi pressure)
  • Will add value to the property

Anchor Coatings:

  • Guarantees the work for 15years
  • Guarantees are transferable and stay with the property
  • Provide full employers and public liability insurance (£2m)
  • Provide specialist application personally, we do not sub-contract

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