Anchor Coatings Wall Coating Products

The quality of our work is only as good as the products we use, and that’s why we provide our experienced, professional teams with the best products available. Proven to work in Artic cold and Equator heat, both our textured and smooth coatings are flexible, hardwearing and breathable with a life expectancy of 20-25 years.

20 times thicker than masonry paint, our coatings are guaranteed to be tougher and longer lasting. We have a comprehensive range of colours, but if your selection is not within the range, Anchor Coatings will have it manufactured for you.

Textured Wall Coatings

Our resin based textured exterior wall coatings are microporous, meaning they allow trapped water to escape without causing blisters or delamination, and they prevent penetrating damp.

The coatings’ textured appearance hides blemishes and defects, and their Titanium Dioxide content ensures a bright, clean appearance for years to come. They also contain antimicrobial systems to prevent the growth of mould and algae. Manufactured to British Standards (B.B.A Certified), these high tech coatings are among our most popular.

Smooth External Wall Coatings

Formulated from Goodyear Pliolite™, our smooth coatings have excellent adhesion, curing to form a tight, decorative, weatherproof membrane within 20minutes. This means that unlike traditional painters, Anchor Coatings can waterproof your home all year round.

Clear Wall Coatings

If your home is sandstone, brick or has feature stonework, you may choose a clear wall coating that will not change the appearance of your property. Pro Clear is a resin based, silicone free coating that penetrates into the surface of walls, providing an invisible, breathable, waterproof lining.

Pro Clear stops spalling and cracking and reverses the effect of surface tension that draws water into untreated areas. Like our other coatings, it carries a 15year guarantee.

Roof Coatings

Re-tiling your roof is expensive and inconvenient. Prevent it by keeping your roof in good condition with a resin-based protective roof coating from Anchor Coatings. Its flexible, microporous apply all year round, giving you a new looking roof at a fraction of the cost.

Ask us about our specialised coatings now available for slate and flat roofs.

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