Wall Coating Application Process

Over the last 25years, Anchor Coatings has developed a 5 stage wall preparation and wall coating application process which our teams strictly adhere to, allowing us to provide a comprehensive 15year guarantee on all of our work.

We use a range of pre-application products specifically designed to be compatible with our textured and smooth wall and roof coatings to create the best finish possible.

1. Preparation

For a lasting bond to the wall primer coating, the walls must be thoroughly prepared. All dirt, mould, loose paint and damaged render is removed by a powerful power wash and wire brushing. Then all problems can be clearly identified and treated, such as algae and fungal growths.


2. Masking

At Anchor Coatings we take great care of your home and gardens, so the second important step in our process is protecting all surfaces not being treated, and preventing dust and overspray from entering your home.

All doors and windows are carefully masked, and we even cover your lawn and surrounding gardens with dust sheets and tarpaulins to keep them safe.


3. Restoration

Before we give your home its new protective shield, we ensure that the current surface is free from cracks and crumbling render.

Cracks are ground out and filled with a polymer modified cement for a perfectly sealed bond and an almost invisible repair. Loose pebbledash or render is removed and replaced. Even the slightest of damage is repaired for the perfect base.


4. Priming

This stage will be tailored to the individual property. Masonry paint, friable surfaces, porous walls – each requires a specially formulated stabilising solution prior to primer coating to ensure a flawless adhesion.

Waterproofing wall primer is then applied to provide an added layer of protection for your property as well as extending the life of your external wall coating.


5. Application

The final stage is surprisingly fast! We use spray wall coatings for both are smooth and textured exterior wall coatings to ensure a uniform colour and accurate, flawless finish.

Finally, we clean and tidy the site to the client’s satisfaction.

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